Wellness Consultants

We build the infrastructure, so that you can deliver world-class experiences inside your fitness and wellness center. Your idea is just the beginning, check out our showcase.

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Our Expertise

Our lineup to wellness consultants bring a combined 26 years of health, wellness, and fitness experience to the table. We've been the magic behind some of the most impactful brands. Our disruptive tactic creates a ripple in the industry by innovating, focusing on the guest experience and harnessing the power of world-class brands.

Brand Development

Offload your internal marketing projects, establish your brand voice and bring your napkin sketch to life. We can help you solve Social Media Management, Graphic Design, UI/UX, and promotional collateral.

Executive and Franchise Consulting

Collaborate with our team to lead your next lease negotiation, capital raise, or re-build your organization structure. Scale your brand, build a Franchise eco-system with our Executive consultants.

Studio Operations

Generate new sales, craft the art of everlasting guest experiences, all while establishing high-capacity guest throughput. Reduce labor and create a life-long client relationship with industry leading technology.

Architecture and Equipment Procurement

Chat with an architectural team that specializes in health, wellness centers, and fitness to design your studio. Source high-quality manufactured equipment or custom design what fits your business model.

We build captivating experiences.

Client Spotlight:
Rukus Cycling Studios is the leading premier indoor cycling franchise. Featuring high-intensity cardio rides, muscle shaping strength training, and world-class CyclePro instructors to guide you throughout your ride. Step inside our state-of-the-art CycleArena, with an immersive sound system, ambient mood lighting, alongside the nation's most diverse group of CyclePro instructors.

Leveraged Services:
Brand Development, Franchise Development, Franchise Management, Technology Solutions, Marketing, Operational Support, Social Media Development and Presence, Custom Procurement, SBA Approval, Lending Resources

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Leveraged Relationships

Our team has established corporate relationships with world-class brands, in tandem with creating an impactful guest experience. It's time to take your brand to the next level. To mention a few:

Wellness technology is far from one-size fits all.

Let's face it, there is not a perfect wellness platform that meshes with your business. Enhance their software so that your brand is not limited by their shortfalls. We can solve that by building the custom tools that your business needs. We can build just about anything, regardless if you're a Mindbody Strategic Account, singular studio, Mariana Tek, ClubReady, or ABC Financial client - it's in our wheelhouse. Check out some of our favorite tools: